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Why study abroad in the USA?

The USA is the number one destination in the world for international students, with nearly 600,000 students from around the globe currently studying in a college or university in the USA.

study abroad in U.S.

Top 5 reasons for pursuing your education in America!

Experience a Different Educational Approach in a Globally Renowned System.

The American education system is admired around the world for its ability to produce well-rounded students who think independently and effectively process information.

Learn From the Top Scholars and Researchers in the World.

The USA has many of the world’s top institutions whose faculty members are the leading authorities in their field and also top educators in the classroom.

Gain an International Experience in a Culturally Diverse Environment.

Studying in the USA brings you up-close and personal with the diversity of American culture. Imagine, one minute you may be talking about bluegrass music and the next trying out the tango.

Enjoy a Vast Array of Educational Opportunities.

The range of educational opportunities both in and out of the classroom are immense. From business studies to engineering to student government, American universities have it all and place the student at the center of the curriculum.

Enhance Your Career.

The American education system has been lauded for successfully preparing students for positions in the workplace and society. Combine that with an extensive university alumni network right at your fingertips and the first steps on the path to a great career are that much easier.

To find out more great reasons to choose the USA as your study abroad destination please tell us a bit more about yourself so that CIEE can help make your dream a reality.


This April, CIEE China hosted its third annual U.S. University Recruitment Seminar in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. CIEE greatly appreciates all those involved that helped to make this event a success.

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