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Building Bridges of Communication:
2013 Elite University Recruitment Seminar

Event Review

Following the success of the first Elite University Recruitment Seminar in March 2012, CIEE once again invited recruitment officers from four elite American universities to come to China for a recruitment seminar. This seminar provided Chinese students with a valuable opportunity to communicate directly with university representatives from elite US universities.

The four participating universities are listed below (not in order of ranking)

  • Cornell University
  • Emory University
  • Rice University
  • The University of Chicago

The seminar had a large numbers of applications from students from Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai. CIEE chose nearly 300 outstanding 2nd year high school students from approximately 30 high schools to participate in this event. Criteria for selection included TOEFL, SAT, and CAI scores as well as high school grades. CIEE prepared a special folder containing all of the students' materials for representatives' reference during each interview. The materials consisted of an English language resume submitted by the student, the student's high school transcript, and proof of their English language ability.

By hosting the Elite University Recruitment Seminar, CIEE hopes to build a bridge connecting elite US universities and exceptional Chinese high school students. Through this event, these students were able to leave an excellent impression on the university representatives through face-to-face communication and interaction, as well as one-on-one interviews. At the same time, US university representatives were able to meet the students on a deeper and more personal level. Additionally, it helped the recruitment officers to find those students most suitable for their schools.

On the first day of the event, representatives from each of the four schools gave insightful presentations during an informational session, giving the students a deeper and clearer understanding of each school.

Cornell University's Shawn Felton discussing features of the university

American university recruiting seminar Cornell University speech

During the conference students had two hours to freely ask the university recruitment officers questions in a college fair setting. Through the students' inquiries, the officers were able to more fully understand the concerns and desires of Chinese students.

seminar Q&A free discussion seminar free discussion talk to American universities representatives

Students participating in the seminar were chosen via CIEE's selection process. Every student participating in an interview first supplied a personal resume and high school transcript. University recruitment officers learned more about students through one-on-one interviews.

Emory University interview university interview

About CIEE

CIEE is a non-profit, non-governmental educational exchange organization established in 1947 and headquartered in the US. Our mission is one shared by many in international education: "to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world." To fulfill that mission, CIEE provides both outbound international education experiences for university students, faculty, and administrators, and study, work, and internship opportunities for people coming into the U.S.

CIEE in China

CIEE has a thirty-year history of operating educational exchange programs between the US and China, and today has a well-established presence on four major university campuses in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing, as well as offices in Shanghai. CIEE also hosts hundreds of Chinese students in the US on high school and other cultural exchange programs each year under the auspices of the US State Department's J1 visa program, and works with US universities to help screen Chinese students interested in full-time study in the US through its CIEE Applicant Interview (CAI) service.

With the close of the 2013 CIEE Elite University Recruitment Seminar, we'd like to thank each participant for their active engagement and cooperation. Because of the large number of applicants, there were many excellent students who were unable to participate in this year's event. CIEE would like to express our deepest apologies to these students and will continue to strive to bring elite US universities to China to meet face-to-face with Chinese students. For specific details, please visit our website. You may also follow us at:

2014 US University Recruitment Seminar

CIEE is excited to host four elite American universities at recruitment events in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

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