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CIEE University Recruitment Seminar

Connects US Universities with Chinese Applicants in China

This past April, CIEE China hosted its third annual University Recruitment Seminar, connecting admissions officers from top-tier universities with qualified college applicants from China. Admissions officers from Cornell University, Emory University, Rice University, and the University of Virginia were present for the CIEE China-sponsored events that took place in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. CIEE hosted the seminar events at Star River Chateau Hotels in each city. In Guangzhou the university representatives also visited and met with students on campus at U-Link College and the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University. In addition to these interview opportunities for students, parents of student participants were also able to meet with university representatives during question and answer sessions in Beijing and Guangzhou.

The seminar, entirely free of charge for both students and universities, boasted over 300 student participants. In order to attend, each student underwent a rigorous screening process, including a review of SAT and TOEFL test scores as well as personal resumes. In addition to TOEFL and SAT test scores, applicants were also allowed to submit CIEE Applicant Interview (CAI) scores, a service in which CIEE conducts face-to-face interviews of applicants in China, Taiwan and Korea in addition to providing schools with interview videos, writing samples, and evaluative reports at no cost to the school. Students who qualified for the seminar were then allowed to participate in individual interview sessions with real admissions officers while the schools’ representatives were afforded the rare opportunity to meet exceptional Chinese students in China.

Chris Van Velzer, Director of CIEE China, had this to say about the event: "The seminar embodies the strategic mission of CIEE China: to serve as a leader in providing ongoing services and opportunities that connect Chinese students and institutions with study abroad experiences and top-quality educational exchange programming." Regarding the outcome of the event itself, Mr. Van Velzer remarked: "The 2014 CIEE US University Recruitment Seminar was a tremendous success, and we are especially thankful for the high caliber of students and US university participants this year."

Attendees had similar praise for the event. University representatives in attendance lauded CIEE for creating such a unique and valuable recruitment experience and commended the opportunity to have such organized and extensive face-to-face contact with pre-screened students as invaluable. Students had similar feedback; Beijing student attendee Li Ruochen said "I am so glad that I had the pleasure to talk to those admission officers who provided me valuable information not only about their schools but also about liberal art education itself [and] I feel very thankful to CIEE and all its officers for giving me such a chance."

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CIEE is the world leader in student exchange services, helping more than 50,000 people each year gain the knowledge and skills necessary to live and work in a globally independent and culturally diverse world through our unique exchange programs. For more information on CIEE and its programs, please visit here.


This April, CIEE China hosted its third annual U.S. University Recruitment Seminar in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. CIEE greatly appreciates all those involved that helped to make this event a success.

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